Marketing Video – Clerks Can Kill You!

Watch this 49 second marketing video and see something that is often overlooked. Front line employees and the effect they have on your business!


3D Printing News- Old Classic US Companies Come Alive!

Remember Kodak? Remember Polaroid? As far as Kodak goes, it has unveiled its first 3D printer. As presented in CES, Las Vegas, the “3D Printing Ecosystem” consists of the Kodak Portrait, a software and a specialised 3D printing material. Kodak’s 3D printer has a large volume of 200 x 200 x 250 mm, a filament detector and a double extruder. If it proves successful, perhaps it will make our list of the best dual extruder 3D printers. Kodak also announced a partnership with Twindom to release their Kodak full body 3D scanner.

Remember Polaroid? At CES Polaroid presented several 3D printers they have created, designed for the democratization of additive manufacturing technologies. Polaroid released 4 newly designed machines, inclduing the Polaroid Nano Duo, with extruder and WiFi connectivity ($1,849); the Polaroid Nano Mini, perfect for beginners in 3D technologies ($349); and the Polaroid Nano Glide with a higher print volume ($479) and the Polaroid Nano ($549).

It’s great to see the 3D Printing industry staring new firms, as well as reviving old ones!

Color Changing 3D Printing?

Researchers are looking to bring color-changing properties to the 3D-printing process in an attempt to help reduce material waste. This is pretty hard to believe for many, but it seems pretty interesting as it will help build the consumer market.

The process uses UV light to cure a liquid resin into a solid object. But the new change is the addition of photochromic dyes. Once added to a print, the inks create a surface that turns different colors, based on the kind of light it’s exposed to. The researchers call the technology “ColorFab,” playing on a pretty standard 3D-printing naming convention.

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