3D Printing Funding Bubble? Did It Break?

After the hype bubble sent 3D printing stocks tumbling in 2014, the industry is starting to recover, shedding much of the fat associated with consumer 3D printing. Instead, industrial 3D printers have become the focus, with even desktop 3D printer manufacturers focusing heavily on the application of affordable 3D printing for prototyping and designing, rather than the idea of a 3D printer in every home. That shift in focus still hasn’t managed to affect 3D printer companies much as our Nanalyze 3D Printing Stocks motif has return -8% over the past year compared to a +2.5% change in the S&P500.

According the the largest 3D Printing E-learning site, many of the new inventors are now being replaced with serious business executives. Its no easier to start a 3D Printing Business than any other type of business.

3D Printing Disrupting Manufacturing

According to a PWC study, more than two-thirds of US manufacturers are using 3D printing in some way-chiefly in prototyping.

71.1% of US manufacturers are applying 3D printing technology in some way, up slightly from 67% in 2014.

But, when we look at how the technology is being used, we see some important shifts. A higher percentage of manufacturers, compared to two years ago, are using it for prototyping (31.4%), the production of end-products (6.6%)-or both (13.2%). At the same time, fewer (17.4%) are merely experimenting to determine how the technology may be useful to their operations-down from two years ago when 28.9% said they were in the tinkering phase.

As customers demand faster turn arounds and more customization, 3D Printing will only rise.

Read the full study here

3D Printing Business Course Celebrates It’s Third Year

The largest 3D Printing Online Business course, the 3D Printing MBA is celebrating it’s third year educating entrepreneurs and enthusiasts on the business side of 3D Printing. When we spoke with the founders, they told us 3D Printing technology is always changing. But the fundamentals of how to run a successful business do not. Association member 3D Printing MBA offers a money back guarantee and an entertaining, multi media experience.