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Best New 3D Printer Store Launched | 3D Printing PR Firm

The Ecommerce experts are in our industry. Rip Saunders has launched an online store…which features the most popular and interesting 3D Printers. The new 3D Printer Store is endorsed by the Association of 3D Printing and carries a full selection of 3D Printers to choose from. Rip Saunders, the store’s owner stated “I hooked up with Bob Chapman, a guru in the 3D Printing world to add his industry knowledge to my online abilities to create this superstore.” Rip has launched several ecommerce plays and plans to be a force to contend with in the 3D Printing Industry. The store can be found at: http://www.3dprinterpage.com.

HP and 3D Printing From Market Realist

HP announcement leads to huge volatility for industry players

“Despite the gains [in 2013], all the above-mentioned 3D Printing stocks suffered major declines in 2014 too. As of November 2014, 3D Systems and Stratasys stocks were respectively down 58% and 8% year-to-date. The primary reason for this decline is thought to be HP’s announcement that it will target the 3D printing industry for its future growth.

According to 3D Systems CEO Avi Reichental, HP’s entry into the 3D printing industry is expected to pose significant challenges to existing players in the industry. Wohlers Associates analyst Terry Wohlers expressed optimism about HP’s Multi Fusion Jet technology. He believes that HP’s technology has the potential to throw many other firms “out of business.”

HP’s lower costs and faster throughput is expected to make the 3D printing industry more competitive.

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