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The upper portion of the shoes are made with calf leather, while the platform wedges are all 3D printed with a special filament provided by ColorFabb, called woodFill. When printed, the woodFill clearly resembles and has a similar texture to that of actual wood. van den Elzen outsourced the 3D printing and scanning to a Peggy Bannenberg, who printed the models at iFabrica, an open workspace for makers based in Amsterdam.


3D Printing Dental Market Entrant

Prodways is the first 3D printer manufacturer to introduce a moving DLP head allowing the projection of the image to cure as the head moves. Moving a DLP over a large build area allows the individual images to be small, hence much more focused and more precise than if they covered the whole platform and did not move. It uses also UVA LEDs to increases the speed of the polymerization reaction so the layer can be built much faster.

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3D Printing Business Incubator is dedicated to 3D printing startup and early-stage companies. The 3D Printing Incubator offers each accepted company funding, access to a massive network of mentors, advisors, and investors and business strategy and corporate advisory services focused within the 3D printing industry. Our business consultants provide the tools for our portfolio 3D printing startups and companies to use when raising capital, marketing services, executing sales and preparing for a successful exit.